Your Patients Will Thank You!

Your patients will look forward to their time spent in physical therapy and rehabilitation when they can "walk" in Rome - Venice - London - or along the incredible Amalfi Coast. Our Virtual Experience DVDs will allow your patients to exercise while "walking" in beautiful, exotic, and historic locales in Europe while on the treadmill, elliptical, or other physical therapy equipment.

We've sold thousands of our European Virtual Walk DVDs to satisfied customers all over the world, and they tell us that using our DVDs actually makes their exercise time pass quickly and encourages them to extend their workout period!

Filmed with Professional TV Cameras and SteadicamTM camera stabilization equipment (many in widescreen), these Virtual Walk DVDs will "transport" your patients to nine of England's quaint Cotswold Villages, to Rome on a summer evening, beside the narrowboat canals in central London, to the Amalfi Coast, to the Italian island of Burano, to Venice on a spring morning, and other beautiful European locations.

For Rehab, Physical Therapy, and Wellness Centers only, VITA Digital Productions is offering a selection of our 10 most popular Virtual Walk DVDs for a special price of only $99.95 with Free Priority Shipping to the USA. That's 33% off the price if purchased individually.

This set consists of 10 of our most popular Virtual Walk DVDs: (Click on a title for a complete description of that walk.)

1. A Morning In Venice

2. Rome - La Dolce Vita!

3. Enchanting Burano

4. The Appian Way

5. Amalfi Excursion

6. Cotswold Villages - Volume 1

7. Cotswold Villages - Volume 2

8. The English Countryside

9. The Four Seasons

10. London Waterways

Please take a look at online video clips of the Virtual Walks included on these 10 DVDs by clicking here.

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Your patients will thank you!

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